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Over the last week we got to try out the 2016 Mistubishi Outlander GT S-AWC. This baby can seat up 7 people and the Super All Wheel Control (S-AWC) wass great for the snowy weather we've been having here on the East Coast lately. Not only was the interior and exterior of the car super nice and sleek looking but it was really comfortable to sit in and the ride was really smooth too. Plus, was great on gas which is something that's important to us.

A few other things that make this CUV great is the push to start, keyless entry and the trunk opens and closes with the push of a button. These are things that really make a difference especially when it's cold out and you're trying to get your little ones in the car as quick as possible. And of course, who doesn't love a good heated seat to keep you nice and toasty in the winter? Space is another important thing for us and I can easily say we had SO much extra room. It was great! If you're not using the third row seating the trunk space is amazing. We had no issues fitting our groceries and other things in the trunk and it would be perfect for our not-so-little puppy who doesn't even come close to fitting in our Ford Fusion. It has other great features including Adaptive Cruise Control, LDW (Lane Departure Warning) which alerts you if you are unintentionally leaving the lane and Forward Collision Mitigation that helps you avoid accidents and can even apply the brakes automatically.

If you're looking for something to fit a larger family or just want a little more room than you'd get in a regular car or SUV I would really suggest the Mitsubishi Outlander in general but this specific model is really nice and definitely worth the price. The regular model starts at $23,000 and the GT S-AWC model we had is just over $35,000. There's a pretty good chance that this might possibly be our next car!

Raise your hand if you love getting free samples? *raises hand* I'm pretty sure everyones does, right? That's where PINCHme comes in...

PINCHme was created to allow people to try products from leading brands for free. Yup, totally free. All you have to do is tell them what you think of the things you received. To get started you answer a series of questions about your household + shopping habits and then PINCHme learns what you like and offers samples just for you. You can even choose the samples you want them to send! Then, they'll ship your box full of samples right to your door for no cost at all. After you've tried your samples out just complete a short feedback survey to tell them what you think of them and they'll let the brand know what your thoughts were.

I'm definitely pleased with the box. I was surprised to see how many awesome things were inside especially since the box is free. I wasn't expecting such large samples either. I was really excited about the deodorant, the Special K Bar, the Skinny Pop Popcorn, the Sinful Colors nail polish and obviously free Playtex tampons are awesome too, HAHA!

This is something I'm definitely going to continue doing. It takes 2 seconds to sign up and the survey took less than 5 minutes and was really easy as well. New samples will be released on December 15th so don't forget to sign up and get started right away. You can sign up here using my referral code if you'd like.


Disclaimer: I received this product for free to review.
As always, my opinions are honest and my own.
If you're looking for some fun, colorful stickers for your planner, Planneresque has them! They have so many different sticker options with the same "rainbow" look and feel. I love them because there's always a color to go with your color theme for the week/month. So if you're like me and you want your whole planner to flow nicely together these are great! Planneresque has traditional flag stickers, and a bunch of specialty ones for things like haircuts, meals, shopping, bills and more. There's also a bunch of box squares specifically for Erin Condren planners as well!

And that's how my planner turned out using these stickers. It's a bit of a boring week but boring is good sometimes, right? I really liked those little heart bullets and the little randoms are going to be so much fun to start using.

Planneresque Links: ETSY | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM

Disclaimer: I received this product for free to review.
As always, my opinions are honest and my own.

LetsWashi is a little bit of old school and a little bit of new school when it comes to washi in my opinion. :) Before there were all of these cute pre-cut washi strips and sets there was just rolls of washi. So if you like to do things yourself or if you use washi for things other than decorating your planner LetsWashi has you covered! However, if you're looking for some cute pre-cut sets they have those as well! I love the set on the far right but it didn't really go well with the colors of that month so I'm trying to be patient and wait to use it. Below is how I decorated my planner for the week. I kept it pretty simple but added some marker in as well. I think I definitely plan on sticking with the pre-cut washi for my planner but I have some other ideas in mind for the roll of washi. What are some things you use washi for besides planning? Melanie from LetsWashi was nice enough to offer my readers 20% off their purchase of $10 or more. Just use the code THANKS2015!


Disclaimer: I received this product for free to review.
As always, my opinions are honest and my own.
WOW! Just wow. Where do I start with KarolinasKrafts? I mean, just look at these pictures. You can tell that Karolina puts a lot of work into her business. Everything is made so wonderfully and is so easy to use. I love how there are so many simple stickers to chose from (which I've been gravitating more towards). Her shop is perfect for little flag stickers or things like bills, pay day, coffee, doctors appointments, etc. The prices are great too which is always a plus.

Here's what I did with some of the stickers. I'm really loving these! If you're just getting started with decorating your planner I highly suggest KarolinasKrafts. Start off simple! Not only did Karolina give me a coupon code (ERINANDBABY for 10% off your purchase of $15 or more) but you can also win EVERYTHING I was sent. Just use the Rafflecopter below to get your entries in. Good luck!

KarolinasKrafts Links: ETSY | INSTAGRAM

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Disclaimer: I received this product for free to review.
As always, my opinions are honest and my own.